OLGA PARKERS JEWELRY is a Bespoke Luxury Jewelry brand of women's, men's & unisex jewelry Collection, owned by acclaimed actress by Scarlett Johansson.  


Launched in the summer of 2014 out of inquisitive Necessity to create a Beautiful necklace to wear with a backless gown. The Designer & President - Olga Gavriluk self taught and handmade the first Tassel Necklace.  Shortly After organizing and modeling in the first Editorial campaign, OLGA PARKERS JEWELRY Participated in Charity and Art Events like CHAMPIONS of ROCKAWAY with Scarlett Johansson organized by Hudson Terrace & SOS KIDS FOUNDATION.   

 The collection includes Tassel Lariat Necklaces, Wrap Bracelets, Choker Necklaces and Stacking Rings.  The Tassel Lariat Bead Necklaces an original and signature design - Are handmade from with precious and semi-precious gemstones using Silver and Gold finishes.  The Tassel Necklaces are a continuous long Lariat strand of beads with two beaded Tassels on each end.  Each tassel necklace is handmade by artisans in New York City utilizing a refined technique that requires 10hours of labor.

Inspired by the delicate Extravagance of the Gatsby-era & contemporary edge of New York  and Paris fashion— designs combine the luxuries of jewelry and bespoke design for the adornment of body silhouettes.  The designer collection is inspired and created for the fashion forward consumer with appreciation for aesthetic where opulence meets simplicity.

Olga Gavriluk serves as president and designer -  her experience working at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK and luxury brand events serves as inspiration for curating editorials, fashion blog and videos.

Olga Parkers Jewelry is quickly gaining exposure through collaborations with notable fashion photographers with recent press features in DLXVRSN Magazine, a Blog Contributor with NewYorkDress.com, Interview with MVMNT Magazine and Cover Story of Spotlight Magazine.


"FASHION FATALE  - In Conversation With Olga Gavriluk Of OLGA PARKERS JEWELRY"

Fashion is about empowering: improving who you already are through clothing and style; so I think jewelry should complement and enhance because it’s an experience.”
“I want to create an organization for girls/boys or even older individuals where everyone is welcome (and we can) discuss career, what they can do to better themselves, and hold workshops.”
Having interns of her own now, Gavriluk “would love to be a great role model,” advising young people in the fashion industry to: “network, learn (and experience) as much as you possibly can,” accentuating that, “listening is more important than speaking sometimes.” Striving to better herself, grow her brand and give back,