The DEW MATTE CHOKER COLLECTION Inspired by the Dewy mist gathered on flower petals and leaves as the sun rises on a crisp spring morning.  The DEW MATTE CHOKER COLLECTION is vibrant with colored gemstone accents of Emerald Green Onyx, Sleek Black, Wine Ruby Reds, Dusty Pinks and Lavender.  The delicate Powdery texture of gemstones against your skin is like no other feeling.

The Limited Collection of Chokers are designed in Four, Three, Two and Single Rows - are worn singularly or stacked together if you're daring! 

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The REGAL CHOKERS Collection

Jewelry: ENVY Choker / VENOM Choker / QUEEN Wrap Choker  //  Jacket & Skirt: ZARA //  Photographer: Sabbir Photography   

Many of you have been seeing glimpses of my new Chokers on Instagram @OlgaParkers...  But at last!  With much anticipation, nights imagining, designing, much love and a hint of Femme Fatale Fierceness,  I'm very excited to debut the first 'REGAL CHOKERS' Editorial for the OLGA PARKERS CHOKER COLLECTION, the luxe chokers you will never want to remove from your neck!  PROMISE! <3

I ventured into New York's legendary - The Plaza Hotel to photograph the REGAL CHOKERS Editorial.  I styled the elegant look by layering the outstanding ENVY CHOKER -  in Gunmetal and Emerald Green Onyx, the largest statement choker with 5 rows of opulent gemstones beads.  It fits ever so luxuriously at the base of the neck and décolleté.  If you aren't already in Love... the most amazing thing is the Chokers are all are stackable -  enabling you to build your jewelry look by wearing as many chokers as your neck and wardrobe will allow - or as I like to say "More is More".  

Layered on top of the ENVY Choker, I'm wearing a VENOM Choker - with 2 delicate strands of Matte Black & Green Onyx beads.  I really love the 2 row Chokers because of they're so minimalist and a perfect addition to the other chokers.  The very bottom necklace you will notice some glimmering gold between the 2 row matte Black beads.  It's the most versitile necklace in the whole collection - the QUEEN Wrap Choker is actually also a bracelet when you wrap it around your wrist 4 times.   

Which Choker will you fall in love with? View the REGAL CHOKER COLLECTION, but keep following because many more Chokers will soon be revealed!  


Olga Parkers

Olga Parkers Jewelry - Plaza REd Envy Choker_DSC3813-203.jpg