On a calm summer starlit evening - uneasiness trickled down my spine and my life as I knew it would change forever.

That night I designed and handmade the first Cleopatra Gold Tassel Necklace.  It all began when I searched high and low for the perfectly extravagant, eloquently slender, lustrous, dark bead necklace that I can wrap around my dรฉcolletรฉ. 

With a party invitation in hand, I imagined attending the Gatsby-like banquet with jazz music playing hastily, women dancing clad in silk and fringe gowns, sparkling champagne in tall flutes toasting in celebration with a compelling sense of excitement in the air...

I envisioned wearing a very specific Necklace which I could drape along the lines of my backless dress, allowing the lines of the necklace to accentuate the curves of my body.  A Necklace of heavy substance and sleek feel against my skin.  I desired not just a necklace but something that can become a part of my Identity.  So that night I created that NECKLACE and OLGA PARKERS was conceived.  

In a perfect world jewelry should compliment your existing beauty, bring admiration from the viewers and make you feel Fierce.